Wolves in the walls / Little Kicks

Wolves in the walls

I remember when the wolves came to stay;

We shut them up and pretended they weren’t there.

We ignored the little noises and the howling at midnight

While they bred in the cavities.

Now they’re starving and they’re coming for us.


I’m listening to the wolves in the walls;

The moonlight brings them out.

They’re sharpening their claws on my bedroom door,

The taste of blood in their mouths.


We didn’t like it, but we got used to them;

Those littles fears we fed and reared.

You can curse the wolf parading around

In your dressing gown.

But it’s kind of our fault that he’s there.


Little Kicks

If Mick Ronson and Phil Manazanera

Formed a supergroup together

And asked me to be their guitar player

I’d say no.


If Mick Jones got laryngitis

And asked me to be stand-in guitarist,

At the Hundred Club

I’d say no.


Because this love is not a vanity project;

This love is everything.

In your heart, in your hands there’s the shape of a plan,

So tell me.



If Kid Congo Powers

Came back off tour

And said “let’s cut a record”

I’d say no.


If Iggy Pop offered me his smack,

If Rick James offered me his crack,

If Kim Deal mixed a Pernod and black

I’d say no.


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