The Vampire Flick Part 10

The Vampire Flick is an online collaborative story, written across various authors’ blogs. The idea is simple: read the preceding part and the preceding part only, then write the next part. Below is part 10. If you want to write part 11, leave a comment and then post the new episode up on your blog or website.  Originally started by Marilyn @

The Vampire Flick Part 10

Like a fever, like the slow onset of a sickness, I feel him, crawling, slithering beneath the damp fibres of my skin. I look at the pale flesh of my arm and imagine my blood flowing black through my veins, arteries pumping him like dark shadow cells to my head, to my heart. I thought I was rid of him. I thought I would never see the hellish precipice that he dragged me to again and yet…And yet, somehow, he has found me. I am suffused with him. As I knew him in life, I feel him in death, like some apothecary’s draught, flowing  through me with opiate lightness. It is not an experience that lends itself easily to words. How can the character of a man, the contents of his blackened soul, translate itself so easily into sensation? Why does everything that my body tells me speak only of him? Possession, you might call it. Were I not so familiar with the dark, gauzy limens at the edges of this world I would doubt my own feelings. I have seen where the boundaries of this mortal place bleed into the nebulous depths of the spirit land. I have seen the place that he sprang from; in time it was I who returned him there. Yet it seems that somehow, he has found his way back to me. What dark, arcane path he followed to arrive here I can only imagine. Of one thing, I have no doubt; he is here, he is inside of me – he is returned.


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