Flash 55 Friday – Black Coffee

The checkout girl he likes is busy, so he goes to the man at the next till. He glares at the man, then stares at the girl as he buys his milk, so enraptured that he forgets the milk as he leaves. He must really like her; I just hope he doesn’t mind black coffee.

(Flash 55 Friday inspired by/stolen from the nice people at the Regenerate: http://theregenerate.blogspot.com/)


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3 responses to “Flash 55 Friday – Black Coffee

  • Marilyn

    Good piece.

    I like to think I started the friday flash pieces on my blog. Oh well. 🙂

    • andrewday82

      Sorry, I’m lazy so I stole from the source closest to hand :-). It’s a nice format – wanted to do something quick & easy on a regular basis & flash 55 fits the bill nicely. Your 55 shorts on the Regenerate are great btw.

  • Marilyn

    Thank you. It doesn’t really matter who started it, we can all claim it as our own thing. 😀

    I have quite a few flash pieces on my blog. I will start doing them on there every Friday again.

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